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Peach Peony

I am lost.

Like a kite without a string.

Like a ship without a sail.

Winds come and take me away wherever they wish.

And I tumble around like a leaf – my vision blurry and everything fly past.

At last It stops; I look around, everything is new.

Colors that I have never seen nor heard of.

Flowers that sing.

Earth that moves if you wish it to.

No pain. No suffering. No malice.

Heaven it may be and I know this is a quick trip. I am dreading .

Indeed, I woke up in bed still alive with the vividness of my visit.

I remembered then I was lost but now I am found.

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Knowing & Loving Yourself

Clematis Purple

Purple Clematis

The relationship you have with YOURSELF is the most important relationship of your life.

Know yourself.

Educate yourself.

Love yourself.

And then share yourself.

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Paring Down Stuff


Choose me!

The abundance of stuff has caught up to me and I’m drowning in paper, unused makeup & unread books — I have it all. To make my life simple, I did two things yesterday:

1) Vowed not to buy anything unless I really really need it and

2) Got rid of old and duplicate makeup items.

It’s not much but it’s a start.

Paring Down Items

This month I will remove the items that are unused and taking my space, time and attention in Bedroom(closet & side table drawers) – my clothes are all over the place and closet requires serious purging.

Join me if you are in for some serious overhauling of space.


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