Do Everything In Love

When I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible, I was 16 and too naive to ponder on what it actually meant. That was the age of rebelling, boyfriends, daring friends and not listening to any advice showered by any grown-up who had it “all” figured out. Today, I am married to an amazing man of God, have a stepson and getting closer to 35! To me, this verse reminds me to focus on God’s Love such that I can be a reason for a blessing to those around me. When I am cleaning the dishes, I focus on the blessing of an abundance of food that God provided and left everyone contended and purring in the living room. I don’t allow “the chore” to get me to complain about pleasures of simple things. (Ok washing dishes is not that pleasant but I have to mention that I get mild satisfaction from cleaning glassware).

What I want to draw home is the fact that some tough situations are meant to test our patience reservoir – but we can conquer anything with the love of Christ. But sometimes, it’s not about conquering but surrendering, surprisingly the same love also applies to situations where we are tired, and exhausted and still have like a thousand of things to do.

As this year ends, I want to encourage you to focus on loving yourself, giving the same grace to yourself that you often give to others around you, and try to do everything with love and kindness.

4 life lessons


Hey! I turned 34 today 🙂 If you sent a silent happy birthday my way, thank you!  Since this is also my first post here on swytch, I’ll take my sweet time to introduce myself. I’m Mrs. swytch, software analyst by profession, stepmom and adoring Godmother to baby Z. I love coffee, fountain pens, and indoor plants. You’ll hear read more of my life here but all you need to know today is that I’m on a quest to simplify my life – from tangible stuff to consumption of Netflix – and I’ll share my journey, lessons, and lifestyle here once a week. So without further adieu, here are 5 lessons I learned in 2017:

  1. Pause: Take time to enjoy what’s happening right now, at this very moment in your life.
  2. Practice Gratitude: Before calling it a day, take stock of all things or any one thing/ relationship that made your day worthwhile especially the things we take for granted.
  3. Forgive yourself & others quickly: This beautiful life is not worth wallowing in pity parties – you are one of a kind with your own strengths, shortcomings, and quirks, try new things, stumble, fail, learn from it and move on but most all stay humble.
  4. Create: Creating brings joy. It could be anything – painting, smiles, clay art, or words. Find what you are good at doing then do more of it. Let your soul wander.

That’s all on my end. If you read this far, then follow me, I pinky promise to follow you on your blogging journey and cheer you from the cold and beautiful Edmonton, Canada 🙂