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Knowing & Loving Yourself

Clematis Purple

Purple Clematis

The relationship you have with YOURSELF is the most important relationship of your life.

Know yourself.

Educate yourself.

Love yourself.

And then share yourself.

Mountain Adventures & Summer Update

Well, hello there! Hope you are enjoying this much warmer Spring in the praries. I’m popping in here to share our adventures in the past month and a half. We had pretty amazing two weeks of summer in India (where temperatures hovered anywhere from pleasant 17C to hot 37C) My parents had organized a get together to welcome Mr. Swytch into the family. I met a cousin whom i hadn’t seen for 20 years! And the best part, the garden was blooming with Dahlia’s! They are my favorite flower to photograph. We also went to the mountains for 2 day trip to Jasper mid-May and boy it was amazing! The majestic mountains always take my breath away!

Here are a few (or many) pictures so show you what I mean 🙂

blue sky with puffy clouds

On the way to Jasper


athabasca fall with blue sky and fluffy clouds

Athabasaca Fall




Jasper from top of Jasper tram

Plans ahead:

Mr. Swytch’s parents will be joining us this Friday for their 4-month stay with us and we plan to go to Banff at some point. Elk island and hikes along the river valley are also something that I want to do more of this summer. I haven’t gone back to workouts fully yet! It has been over a month since the surgery so far I’ve added long walks and biking but i really want to go back to HIIT workout.

Hope you have some amazing plans lined up for summer. I mention this because we Canadians hibernate in the long winter so this is perfect time to stretch some legs and explore 🙂


Cycle of life


But did we leave the fragrance of our works behind?

Butterfly Bush

When I want to take a picture, I notice the flowers. When I doodle, I draw these tiny flowers on a vine that twists and curves as it disappears under the fold of the page. So of course when I started to paint, it was flowers –  painted this 4 years ago and gave it to my parents to take home with them to India. I notice the butterfly wing is a little crooked but love the peaceful green and downward facing leaves. As David Lynch said “Every viewer is going to get a different thing. That’s the thing about painting, photography, cinema.”