5 Benefits of using a Planner

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa

Here are 5 benefits of using a planner (or to consider if you don’t use already):

{1} Helps to create a visual layout of the week; easy to conclude if the week was productive and fun.

{2} Helps manage time – keep track of daily tasks and appointments

{3} Helps to remember important events

{4} Increases productivity and helps organize various goals.

{5} Clears the mind

How to Choose a Planner

It depends on how much writing and tracking you want to do. I check for 5 key points (seriously what’s with number 5?!) for choosing a planner:

  • Feel: How does it feel to hold it? Soft, Velvety, Scratchy.
  • Mobility: Do you want to use it at home or want to carry it along in your bag? This will help narrow down the size.
  • Space: Are your daily tasks a mile long? Would the space in the planner suffice it?
  • Paper Weight: Is the paper thick enough to handle the pen or the vigorous handwriting?
  • Price: Most fancy planners are over $50 and I mean the ones with stickers and frills. It all depends on your budget but the way I justify anything is its usage.

Imagine using it – you must see yourself using the pages and writing on it. This will determine if you’ll buy a certain planner. I’ll admit there are so many options out there and it’s not easy to choose one – oh the colors, patterns, and gorgeous-ness but ultimately planners are the tool to help us accomplish tasks. I would admit that you can’t really have the feel for the planner when shopping online.

This year, I switched to Passion Planner (my absolute favorite!)–  prior favorites being Bando Planner and Canadian Polestar Planners. I  love the layout and space to write the to-do items in passion planner; I like to doodle and draw around the edges using all time favorite Maped Graph Peps, 0.4mm – sharp and beautiful to write with.

Do you use Planners? If yes, do you prefer paper planners or digital?

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