Finding my Voice

It’s not usually until I am in bed that I realize that I hadn’t written in my journal. Writing clarifies my thought process but by the end of the day I’m exhausted and this much beloved activity sits on the back bench. This year, I want to write more, love more, care for others more, give more, forgive quickly, love myself more, and most of all read God’s word everyday.

With full time work, raising a toddler and being a homemaker it is not surprising that I feel lost sometimes. But when I write my thoughts down either in the morning or before bed, somehow it makes my day go smoothly. I would like to gently encourage you find your voice – an expression of creativity be it drawing, doodling, writing, anything creative. Find an outlet and immerse yourself in it. We consume information all day and juggle work, todo lists and what not but we should also take the time to find that inner voice that has been there since we were little – the one that always wanted to create and thrive.

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