Stones on the way

Literally! This past Friday I have been diagnosed with gallstones. And there goes my goal of going to the gym for 16 days this month replaced by “go for a walk” rest of the month. These past few days have been some of the slowest days when I couldn’t do simple chores without huffing and puffing. The exhaustion surprised me more; I like to keep moving do this and that but this has given me multiple reasons to slow down. The wait time for getting gallstones removes is 3-12 months! I have been watching my diet so yesterday was pain-free but I have been told that the pain is unpredictable so I can only hope each day will be different. Since we are going to India next month for vacation, I am planning to get the surgery done, the timing of finding out about gallstones couldn’t have been more perfect.


We can have health issues, money problems, love problems, relationship problems or any type of issue that bothers us – but we are a tiny speck in the big scheme of things (geez thank you say?!) no hear me out…..We were created for the glory of God and his purpose – deep down in my core I know this but I get VERY distracted by what goes on at work, health, kitchen, laundry, Netflix realm and what not. I call these issues ‘stones’ in our path (that could actually be boulders when you get closer..) that stop us from (a) realizing our potential and (b) realizing our purpose. Every day we must orient and align ourselves with what we know to be true.


The only thing that brings order to my beautiful chaos of life is (1) Spending time with God – reading the word and then recall the verse at random point of the day hoping it would bring some clarity. Often times, it takes days for a verse to make sense in relation to life or just my journey with Christ and (2) Journaling calms the waves of confusion and overwhelm. It took a long time for me to find these two activities that bring me calm. For a long time if I felt uncertain about anything I’d go shopping, even buying a pen would calm the inner turmoil but we all know how shopping cannot fill the void in our life.

In nutshell, the problems at hand might seem like situations where you have no control over  (like my gallstones) but God knows what it entails and all I can do is surrender ALL of me to Him and TRUST my journey to the one who DIED for me.

If you are going through something and need to share, feel free to drop a comment or email me. I would love to get to know YOU!

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