Bloom Where You Are Planted

Petunia's in full bloom.
Petunia’s in full bloom.

In health update: I captured the blooming petunias on my way to the surgery(gall bladder removal). This was right outside the entrance of PIMS hospital, Jalandhar. I am recovering at home now, and grateful for the care and being doted on.

Gorgeous Red Dahlia

It’s 23C and sunny in Jalandhar and can get very hot around noon. Morning and evenings are much cooler. Dahlia’s are gracing the garden with their vibrancy and it has been such a joy to capture the colors and various stages of bloom. My sister arrives from SFO tomorrow and I cannot wait to meet her and plan our outings!

Till later!

Wanderer no more

Yellow Dahlia’s

To Wander is to test and taste what’s out in the world.

To Wander is to know that there is something out there that will satisfy the thirst.

To Wander is to have our eyes fixed on something farther than here.

To Wander is fun, unpredictable and liberating.

And yet..there isn’t much in this world that will satisfy our yearning for something that is bigger than ourselves.

When we seek the Lord with ALL of our heart, that’s when wandering becomes following the narrow path. It doesn’t mean we don’t have fun nor we stop being adventurous, but that we are focused on something bigger than us.

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