8 Things I learned in 2018

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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

2018 was one of the most eventful years so stay with me as I summarize all our endeavors and then my take away from the experiences.

Early in the year we experimented with our diet and gave try to keto so anywhere we’d go I looked for high-fat items. Then a month and a half into it I was diagnosed with gallbladder stones. My parents advised me to change my arrival in India a week prior to our planned date so that I can get Cholecystectomy. Post surgery we celebrated our late-reception with my mom’s family in India.

In June, we celebrate little Monkey’s 5th birthday and then early July I took a 4-day trip with my sister to Vancouver. We also kicked off our basement renovation which wrapped up in November. We had my in-laws visit us for 4 months (jun-sep) and we went to see Pandas at the Calgary Zoo.

In October, I tagged along with Husband on his CITT conference (again..in Vancouver) and we went to Seattle for a day trip. My sister and her husband visited us for Christmas and we had a blast surrounded with loved ones.


  1. What others think – I KNOW that this is easier said than done but it took me a very long time to learn and internalize that it doesn’t really matter what xyz thinks about me or if my IG feed has to be perfect. What I share is based on my experience and if it resonates with somebody they will understand and connect with me.
  2. Treasure experiences over stuff– if you’d notice in my summary above, I didn’t mention any handbag or books I bought but only experiences. This year (with health on the front focus) my viewpoint has shifted to all about places we explore, games we play and things we do and it’s amazing!
  3. Schedule Rest – like any important appointment I learned to schedule some quiet time to rest and rejuvenate for people and things that needed my attention.
  4. Treat my body right – Same as scheduling rest, working out and eating right (most of the time) is a work in progress.
  5. Write it down – We met many new people at church so I started writing their names and things they’d share about bit by bit I now know and remember more about them than if a relied on my memory. Journaling is another thing that has literally helped me straighten my big huge messed up ball-of-thoughts.
  6. Choose grace over perfection – Forgiving myself and choosing grace is the most important thing. I am hard on myself for mistakes I do and not just at work but at home while cooking or raising a toddler or forgetting to mail a birthday card etc. It didn’t take long for me to go down the path of beating myself up for screwing anything and then staying there. But now I just acknowledge, make a note of the mistake and if there is anything to learn and forget about it. Still not perfect but something again work in progress.
  7. Prayer develops faith – If you had told me to pray out loud, I’d run away far away as if someone threatened me with a gun. In all my years of supposedly faith I hadn’t prayed out loud (ever) and only until I met my husband that he slowly encouraged me to pray out loud. And i still can’t pray publicly but we pray during family prayer time and that has given me so much peace.
  8. Giving is the ultimate joy – It doesn’t have to be money or stuff but sometimes just a smile or kind words make a world of a difference. And little things are all that matter!

That’s what this year taught me. To love and forgive myself the same way I would anyone else and to take care of my body and soul so that I can pour into others.

Wish you a very blessed 2019!

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