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My experience with HSG

Never in a million years had I thought that I would have issues getting pregnant! Who does until it happens, right? After a year of going through the highs and lows of trying to get pregnant, we finally decided to seek help to rule out any issues in either of us.

So after hormone tests (all being okay), I was recommended to get HSG done.

“A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray test. It looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and the area around them. It often is done for women who are having a hard time getting pregnant (infertile).”

Here is a diagram to give you an idea – an iodine dye is injected inside the uterus which shows up in the x-ray to determine if fallopian tubes are open.

See the source image

My gyno had already told me that it is a very painful test. Initially I thought she was just exagerating (doctors never do it was just the sissy me reassuring myself) I looked up several available articles on this topic, didn’t find much on pain other than it depends or it was mildly uncomfortable and that cramps were normal. So, I was a little nervous but nothing I can’t handle.

The night before the test I was to insert a tablet in my vajay-vajay to loosen up the cervix. I arrived early and they did a routine ultrasound then took me in for HSG.

It took some time to get in the right position – bum up and legs apart for strangers to peek in there and tell me if I can conceive. The rest is kind of blurry. The doctor explained what she was doing but I honestly don’t remember which I can now read up and deduce that the pain might have been from the cannula in the cervix opening. The next 5 minutes were the most painful minutes of my entire 35 years of a lifetime (or whatever I can recall from my childhood all through adulthood)  I was sweating, crying – it felt like a knife up in there. When it was over, I laid for a while even though I knew I had to get dressed. It was probably less than 5 minutes of test to that resulted in “no blockage in the fallopian tubes” but intensity of the pain shook me to the core. It scared me to the point where I told my husband that we should consider adoption (easier said than done). I have extreme respect and awe for women that bear children.

Anyways, I wanted to share my experience so that if someone needs to look up, they might get an insight – everyone’s journey with a childbearing is  unique.

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Watch Your Thoughts

Battles begin in the mind. First, it’s just a passing thought then it develops into something more and before we know it, we have sinned either in flesh or in thoughts. Therefore we must watch our thoughts and capture them and bring them to submission in front of God. Our life MOVES in the direction of our thoughts. If you are looking to find a church, try

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Wonders of His Works

surise colors

I am not a morning person. Waking up early to do workouts or to do anything early is not something I look forward but do nonetheless because hey we all have to do things we don’t want to do. So this one morning I woke up to find out we had run out of almond milk for coffee, so I went to Safeway – it was 7ish am and the sun was about to pop up and brighten up everything. And as the orange-red in the sky magnified I took a deep breath and thought of how great God is and His creation is. It’s not every day that I wake up early in the morning to see the sun come up. It was mesmerizing and something I embedded in memory Chest as my “favorite moments”.

What moments around you remind of God’s Wonders?

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Hello October!

October has brought yellow leaves and colder winds with varying degrees of snowfall. Fall skipped this year when we woke up to a white Thanksgiving morning. Our basement renovation is done 3/4 of the way and it’s a big relief that we will be moving our offices in the basement just shy of a month.

As Thanksgiving is a time of pausing and counting our blessings; I want to express my gratitude to my better half who not only supports me when I need him but is not hesitant to gently guide me when I stray away from following Christ.

I hope you have a fantastic fall and as we get closer to Christmas and end of the year; let’s cherish the good we have in our life and this world. I will leave you here with some pictures I took on our trip to muttart.

Ornamental Peppers
purple orchid in sunshine
Purple Orchids

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The Joy of Being Rooted

Caspedia produces round flowers that can reach the size of a tennis ball. The flowers bloom almost all year in warm climates.

Being fully present these days is hard! There are many things seeking our attention. From what to eat, what to wear, and what to do to there is not enough time for XYZ. Nature, however reminds us that BEING ROOTED is the key to THRIVE. If you have seen a lone plant thriving amongst the dead ones, you know what I am talking about.

Throughout my journey of raising and then accidentally killing plants; a lot of them have actually thrived because I paused, observed and then adjusted either (a) their environment or (b) sunlight or (c) water or all.

If we are rooted in Christ and we still listen to the mindless chatter: negative self-talk & not believing in our capabilities then we are actually leaning away from light. However, if we adjust our thoughts, align them with our purpose of serving each other – we would truly thrive!

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