Forgiving and Loving

When life gets tough, do we pause and count our blessings?

When life gets rough, do we listen to the quiet voice of God?

When we feel lost, do we pause and recenter ourselves?

Maybe not….But we should.

We should forgive quickly and love abundantly. Choose grace over guilt.

See ourselves forgiven and renewed with the sacrifice of Christ. Take up our cross, follow and love Him with all of our being.


Spring Has Sprung

Winter is officially over as per the calendar but we still continue to have cooler temperatures here in Edmonton. Last week was spring break so little sprout went to Buds n Spuds program at the muttart – which gave me the opportunity to take some beautiful shots of tulips!




If you are in season of waiting or hardship, know that it WILL change. Just like spring brings flowers and green leaves, the season of wait and trial will be over. Till then, stay grounded in WORD.

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