Seeing beauty

I am a glass-half-full kind of girl and truly believe that we should be observant of the blessings we have in our everyday life. This does not mean that we don’t have goals in life but we acknowledge the little things that make life truly worthwhile.

I am grateful today for a husband, health, Skype, phone, home, and coffee. Plenty!

Love it all

Love is in the air especially today! I am grateful and thankful for my:





❤Warm Clothes

❤ This Sunrise!

Hubs & I do not celebrate Valentine’s day but instead, we do little things for each other almost every day. Love is beautiful, sacrificing, kind and a gentle breeze that has the fragrance of care. Here is a little nudge to express love to anyone who has touched your heart or made your life a little better. Express it with flowers, kisses, hugs, a letter, a phone call, or a text message. From my heart to yours, thank you for being you. Happy Valentines Day!

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