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Managing Life With Lists

Managing Life With Lists

Happy Friday! It seems like weeks are flying by and the only mark of progress I see is my son growing up – when his t-shirts are snug and once-too-big shoes look small. This summer has been quite eventful with mr. swytch casually mentioning that we should get basement renovated with senior mr. swytch (my father-in-law) voting for it and now I have my in-laws in my son’s room and  my husband’s office in the dining room. The basement is gutted – from ceiling to the floor and under. We managed to put ALL of the basement stuff in the garage and still having space to park our cars. Things started to get out of hand when I couldn’t find anything even when it was sitting right in front me. Information overload (IO) in my head prompted me to force myself to write into my trusty Journal which I hadn’t done in over a month.

Writing things that otherwise keep floating in the ether of neurons and then come to haunt at night are somewhat manageable when put onto a paper.

Here is what has worked for me so far:


Writing in freeform has a therapeutic effect. Start with how the day went, people that you are grateful for and then things that would make the next day better. I do force myself to write even if it’s one line (although mostly doesn’t end up with one line as planned). And why not, there is so much around us that if we don’t stop and process our thoughts, our lives turn into chaos – all stemming from the brain. Medium: Pen & Paper

Weekly Lists {HOME}

Daily lists do not work for me as I shuffle around tasks depending on the window of time I get to do something. this keeps tasks flexible as long as I can cross it off at some point during the week e.g. vacuuming, dusting or folding laundry.  Medium: Pen & Paper – Passion Planner

Daily Lists {WORK}

My work priorities can change from one hour to another depending on a higher priority ticket so I keep a running list of things to do at some point and move the tasks as necessary to the daily task list. Medium: Digital; One Note

Daily assessment 

The whole point of tasks and goals is that there is some progress. To make sure things are moving it is paramount to keep an eye on what is accomplished and what remains. Therefore, a quick look in the evenign to see what’s left. Crossing off items in a list is my high! Along with caffeine 🙂

Any lists you want to share? Have a great weekend!

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New Month, New Goals


And we have arrived in the third month of the year – just like that – which means we are closer to spring and summer! Have I mentioned how much cold we have had this year? No? Then let me get right to it – the last week of December was coldest with -37C!!! wind chill. Have I used enough exclamation points? My sister who lives in California decided to spend her Christmas holidays with us and she arrived in Edmonton on 25th, right during the cold spell. As any “summer bird” would have it that was her first (and LAST) trip in winter to Canada.


Our beautiful neighborhood straight out of a postcard.

We’ve had a busy and profoundly simple month following Dave Ramsey’s 7 step plan, getting into ketosis, and touring ice castles.


I finished 3 books in February: Sue Grafton’s “S is for Silence“, Cait Flander’s “Year of Less” and Courtney Carver’s “Soulful Simplicity“. Courtney’s book is a heart touching memoir of her journey with stuff and Cait’s book is heartbreaking and uplifting – I’d recommend both of these to anyone who wants to pare down the overwhelming-ness.

That was last month. Now for this month, I’m sharing a few things that require accountability.

  1. Scrapbook is one of the ways that I keep memories of what our family did EVERY month. And I’m so behind on this year that I haven’t even started it!
  2. Tech Blog is one of the ways to express and catalog my knowledge. I have been thinking of starting tech blog for so long that it just doesn’t materialize. Between raising a child, working full-time and being a homemaker, if I get some time I spend it binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy”. Now nothing wrong with taking some off but I really want to do something with my tech experience and channel into something more meaningful.
  3. Books to read this month: 3 non-fiction and 2 fiction. It’s a high goal but I already have two half-way marks from last month’s that I’m optimistic about reaching this goal.
  4. 16 gym workout this month. Last month was measly 7/28days. Since we are heading to India next month, I want to put more effort into losing a few pounds so that I can indulge when I’m on vacation.

Hope you are working on your goals, I would love to know how you manage your progress. If you are looking to do something this month in Edmonton then here are thirty things to do.

Love & Blessings!

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5 Benefits of using a Planner



Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash


Here are 5 benefits of using a planner (or to consider if you don’t use already):

{1} Helps to create a visual layout of the week; easy to conclude if the week was productive and fun.

{2} Helps manage time – keep track of daily tasks and appointments

{3} Helps to remember important events

{4} Increases productivity and helps organize various goals.

{5} Clears the mind

How to Choose a Planner

It depends on how much writing and tracking you want to do. I check for 5 key points (seriously what’s with number 5?!) for choosing a planner:

  • Feel: How does it feel to hold it? Soft, Velvety, Scratchy.
  • Mobility: Do you want to use it at home or want to carry it along in your bag? This will help narrow down the size.
  • Space: Are your daily tasks a mile long? Would the space in the planner suffice it?
  • Paper Weight: Is the paper thick enough to handle the pen or the vigorous handwriting?
  • Price: Most fancy planners are over $50 and I mean the ones with stickers and frills. It all depends on your budget but the way I justify anything is its usage.

Imagine using it – you must see yourself using the pages and writing on it. This will determine if you’ll buy a certain planner. I’ll admit there are so many options out there and it’s not easy to choose one – oh the colors, patterns, and gorgeous-ness but ultimately planners are the tool to help us accomplish tasks. I would admit that you can’t really have the feel for the planner when shopping online.

This year, I switched to Passion Planner (my absolute favorite!)–  prior favorites being Bando Planner and Canadian Polestar Planners. I  love the layout and space to write the to-do items in passion planner; I like to doodle and draw around the edges using all time favorite Maped Graph Peps, 0.4mm – sharp and beautiful to write with.

Do you use Planners? If yes, do you prefer paper planners or digital?

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