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Hey there! It has been a month and a half since I stopped by to share my life. I wish I could say I have months of content planned or that I have thrilling tales to share but we have had the coldest spell here in Edmonton and let’s just say I have been hibernating with cozy blankets and binge watching Friends the second time.

I have had plenty of time to look back at the last year and make some goals for this year. Let me lay it out here so I can look back and cross off the items. (who doesn’t like crossing off todo items?!? you don’t? WEIRDO)

Read and complete New Testament: Husband & I have been studying a chapter every day so my goal is to complete NT this year.

Books to read: Every year I aim to read up a number of books primarily fiction…but this year I have a higher goal not just a number but a specific list. The main reason these books are on this list is that I own them already either in digital format or paperback. So this goal is intertwined with my goal of not buying any books this year.

No book buying: This includes cookbooks, fiction or non-fiction book. I’ve already read 5 books this year and 4 of them were borrowed from the library. And truth is that I rarely read non-fiction books in paperback but somehow want to own them. So this goal is to remind myself how blessed I am already. Moreover, I am on a mission this year to purge ~60% of the stuff in the entire home!

Purge and then Purge Again: We got basement renovated last year and it reminded me how much I love clear and uncluttered spaces. The calm that it brings and oh the joy of not shoving stuff in drawers or thinking what would fall if I open this cabinet. Yeah. That. Kind. Of. Stress. I. Don’t. Want. So slowly I have been going through nooks and corners and drawers and mind you I am not even 20% done but hey it’s a start.

Practice gratitude every day: Last year on Christmas, my sister gifted me the day designer and it has a little section for writing daily Gratitude. Sometimes I have to force myself to think of something that I am grateful for, it’s surprising how I cannot think of even one thing but then forcing myself space runs out. It’s like opening a flood gate: hot water, heating, blanket, socks…you see where I am going with this (you can tell this woman likes to be warm)

Make something with my hands: Other than meals! I like knitting and it has been a year since I created anything so I am hoping to knit something this year.

Scrapbook 2019: Every year at the end of every month I compile, sort and print pictures of events of us. Doesn’t have to be outgoing events sometimes we take goofy selfies so that goes in the pile too. I believe that as much as digital imaging has made “capturing moments” easy it has also become harder to preserve and then look back at the time when “we went there”. So, I channel all my creative energy to create yearly (divided into months) Scrapbook. It is my third year of doing this and truly it THE thing that my husband loves to tell people and is often the topic and browsing through when we have guests over.

Trips/Hikes: We have three confirmed trips this year (Banff, Niagra Falls, and Victoria, BC) and one still in the talks but no tickets yet for visiting my sister over for Christmas to California. We also want to explore more of the national parks here in Alberta.

These are my big 7. I haven’t set a goal for health or weight. We have been hitting the boot camp 4 days/week so I trust the process and with time it should show some results.

That’s all for now – I’ll pop in again to share a few podcasts, blog posts, TED talks that I enjoyed and think are worth your time.


4 life lessons


Hey! I turned 34 today 🙂 If you sent a silent happy birthday my way, thank you!  Since this is also my first post here on swytch, I’ll take my sweet time to introduce myself. I’m Mrs. swytch, software analyst by profession, stepmom and adoring Godmother to baby Z. I love coffee, fountain pens, and indoor plants. You’ll hear read more of my life here but all you need to know today is that I’m on a quest to simplify my life – from tangible stuff to consumption of Netflix – and I’ll share my journey, lessons, and lifestyle here once a week. So without further adieu, here are 5 lessons I learned in 2017:

  1. Pause: Take time to enjoy what’s happening right now, at this very moment in your life.
  2. Practice Gratitude: Before calling it a day, take stock of all things or any one thing/ relationship that made your day worthwhile especially the things we take for granted.
  3. Forgive yourself & others quickly: This beautiful life is not worth wallowing in pity parties – you are one of a kind with your own strengths, shortcomings, and quirks, try new things, stumble, fail, learn from it and move on but most all stay humble.
  4. Create: Creating brings joy. It could be anything – painting, smiles, clay art, or words. Find what you are good at doing then do more of it. Let your soul wander.

That’s all on my end. If you read this far, then follow me, I pinky promise to follow you on your blogging journey and cheer you from the cold and beautiful Edmonton, Canada 🙂

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