June: An Existence Check

Of all the things, we as humans granted the ability to look back and assess our strengths, weaknesses, our life trajectory (as much as possible) although it is unlikely that any of the plans we etch out end up taking us where we want to go. But often we do end up wondering if ALL that we do is even worth it. Lately, I’ve been arriving at the same question: Is the the pain and suffering of being human worth the happiness and joy we face during our lifetime?

After filing this away for a few months I came to an answer almost as if I knew it but never quite had the hold of the exact words. It’s not just the pain or joy we feel but the strand that gets woven; the intermingling of good and bad times, moments that remind us of our temporal existence – some more vehemently than the others.

It is better to be NOT born; hey we are here – as long as we have strength in our bones, we must LIVE mindfully; deliberately utilizing the resources on hand. Nurture and pour into the relationships as well as accept the love and grace bestowed on us. Let go of ever being “perfect” but always a Work-in-Progress striving towards one small thing better than our yesterday.

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